It’s a good job we’re thick skinned northern types …
June 9, 2005, 6:50 pm
Filed under: Cartoon, comic, constructive, criticism, critique

“It’s a good job we’re thick skinned northern types, otherwise we might have been insulted by comments like this. This person obviously didn’t think we put enough effort into the strip, but then couldn’t be arsed herself to offer anything more constructive. Ok, so Jenny169 is entitled to her opinion, and she has as much right to say we suck as I do to say she’s a fucking ass clown, neither are probably true, but this is the internet when did that start to matter!!”

If I hadn’t read Gabe of Penny Arcade’s post the other day, that’s what I was going to write about Jenny169’s comment on The Webcomic List. He puts it pretty well when he says “I hope that if you read Penny Arcade you laugh, if you don’t laugh then I hope it pisses you off.” That’s a pretty good attitude to take, and kinda makes me wish I hadn’t sent that reply so quickly :-) I suppose the whole point of doing any creative writing, be it a humongous novel, or a small 3 frame webcomic is to make people think and react, so why get all bent out of shape when someone does?



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Thankyou jenny 169 for brightening up an otherwise dull sunday afternoon :-)

Comment by Chynddylan

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