Back from my holiday
April 22, 2006, 11:21 am
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No whinging or cartoon for this post, just a quick update on my jollies, it’s mainly for relatives who didn’t come with us …

We went to stay in a tiny Village called Ebberston, in between Pickering & Scarborough on the A170. I went with the in-laws and my family for a weeks “rest”, and while there wasn’t much resting, it was a great week away.

On the Sunday we went to the Sea life Center in Scarborough, and while Matthew is still a bit young to appreciate it, the rest of us thought it was great. You can click on any of these photo’s to see more. We saw the penguins being fed, and Matthew was convinced they were all Pingu.

The sealions were a little dissapointing, and didn’t really do much other than lie there, Matthew thought they were boring, and so did I.

The sharks were better though, we got o watch them being fed, basically this guy skewered fish heads on a cane and stuck them in the water for the sharks to eat, that was pretty cool.

I have a massive lump on my head after whacking it taking this photo of a jellyfish, the tank was above me, and as I stood up, something distracted me, and I forgot about the huge, water filled perspex tank above my head. It’s fair to say that it hurt a little.

On the way to Scarborough, we noticed a Point to Point meeting in a nearby village, Vicky’s cousin usually visits these when they’re in the North, and sure enough he was going to be at this one too, so we took the opportunity to go and meet him, and his family. I came away with 12 quid on the last race, and a few good photos too, Matthew had a whale of a time, saying Hello to all the horses & dogs. He didn’t win any money though. Vicky’s cousin takes photo’s at these Point to Point meetings and makes them available to buy on his website

A prett tiring day all in all, but Matthew still wanted to go swimming when we got back, he’s really happy in the water, and doesn’t need to cling to either of us. He’s got arm bands and can really move when he wants to. We went swimming almost every day, Matthew loved the bubbles in the jaquizzi, and nearly fell asleep on Grandpa’s knee.

On Tuesday we took a train ride from Pickering up to Goathland, which is where the tv series Heartbeat is filmed apparantly. This was the only day that we had any problems with the weather, it chucked it down as soon as we finished lunch. I did manage to pick up some walking boots which will come in handy.

WhitbyWednesday we had a trip up to Whitby, the day started off bloody miserable, and I had the strongest cup of tea for lunch, it almost stripped the enamel off my teeth. However, after lunch the weather cleared up, and I was able to get photo’s like this!!

We had a wander round Whitby for a while, had a look round a ship called The Grand Turk, it’s been used in the TV series Hornblower and Longitude

When we got to the beach, Matthew said “hello!” to the horses (donkeys) but refused to ride on them, he didn’t like it at all, and after laughing nervously, decided he wanted to get off. Despite our best efforts he would only manage a few steps before wanting to get off again.

Gandma bought him a bucket & spade, which Jon made full use of, and he (Matthew that is, not Jon) thought the sea was one massive puddle to be splashed in, until it started chasing him up the beach and he couldn’t outrun it.

What you lookin' at?On Thursday we found a farm where Matthew could go and meet some animals, he loves places like that. It was a little dissapointing though, only having 1 barn with animals, no horses or cows, and the hatchery was shut because of “bird flu scares”

All in all we had a great holiday, and it’s good to be back at work for a rest!


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Sounds like you had a great time, although I am left wondering what you are going to do with the walking boots!!!!!! (They make good plant containers for the garden.)
Can’t access your photos.
Speak to you later.

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