Bricolage and Damn Small Linux
December 8, 2006, 10:30 pm
Filed under: apache, bricolage, damn small linux, linux, postgres, usb

So I spent most of last night trying to figure out why the hell Mark, the webmaster of couldn’t add any new stories. Well I’ve had it with PHPNuke, how it’s lasted so long is beyond me.

I’ve been wanting to do something meaningfull with Bricolage for a long time (and secretly thought AHUK was a good candidate. I even did a few mock ups and wrote a migration script from the AHUK db to a format that Bricolage could import. The project never made it past that though, I always had something better to do. After last nights little escapade though, I think I’ll make time …

The first problem to overcome is Bricolage’s slightly different system architecture. Itis recommended that the admin function is carried out on a different server to the front end server. Also the admin server needs to run on Apache 1.3 due to it’s dependencies.

That’s where Damn Small Linux hopefully comes in. It’s only 50M or so, and you can run it right from inside Windows . Installation is dead simple, just download it, unzip it and run Syslinux on it.

Next to get Apache installed.


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