ComicSpace – Why all the hype?
December 29, 2006, 8:52 pm
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I love comics and drawing in general, so when I saw a social community for geeks like me on ehub, I signed up immediately, despite the obvious similarities in the name to the site that is to web design what Pete Burns is to plastic surgery.

However since doing that I seem to be getting spammed by other people who seem to be just comic stores, adding me at random. How can they think they might share an interest when I hadn’t even filled in my profile yet?

I see very little of the “community” side of things, other than being able to “tag” myself. Where are the forums, or the user generated content? There isn’t even a list of comics to be discussed or rated.

The two bits that might be usefull are both “Coming Soon”, fav. comics & hosted comics, there is more to a community than just trying to get as big a list of “friends” as you can.

Even the profile page is full of holes, there’s nothing to tell you what fields are required (ie if you choose one of City/State/Postcode, you have to fill in all 3), and it blats your list of tags for you while it’s telling you about your mistake, that kind of usability went out of the window a LONG time ago.

Now, some of the people on this Digg story seem to be getting quite excited about the whole thing, but I fail to see why. A forum on your site, or even just a comments section would have a better sense of community than this. Even if it’s aimed at connecting artists & writers or other people on the creative side, then it needs to do a little work on stopping the spam. LinkedIn has a very good model for connecting people, and

I’m going to stay a member, and see how things develop, I’ll add the spammers to my list of friends and see what they do, maybe I’m wrong?


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You might want to take a look at hypercomics. It’s open but still under development. They’ve been busy building out more of the social features than ComicSpace.

Comment by David

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