Wii – First impressions
January 13, 2007, 1:56 pm
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Well, my first impression is that it hurts!! When your a tubby unfit geek like me, even the simplest exercise is demanding. For example, Wii bowling, the actions needed to play this game are very similar to a lunge exercises, which anyone who’s done them will tell you, can be hard work, especially when your muscles seize a day or so later. Wii boxing might as well be real boxing for all the sweat you give off, and tennis? forget it.According to the box, my Wii Fitness age is 68! and it’ll be good to see if it drops as I try and get myself fit again (my ankle is never going to get any better, so I might as well stop using that as an excuse not to exercises).

I was really excited about the social side of the Wii, creating a Mii and having it appear on other peoples Wii’s, in game was pretty cool. But why do Nintendo make it so damn difficult to actually make these contacts? If I add someone’s 16 digit Wii number (assuming I havn’t lost the paper I scribbled it on) then they have no way of knowing that I added them, they don’t get notified and I can’t send them a message until they add me (Mii?). Why can’t it just work like MSN, or Yahoo Messenger?

Other than sending Mii’s around, I don’t really see what the Mii channel is for, it’s almost like the start of a great Wii lounge, for finding people to play games against, but it’s not.

It’s almost like a great way to find new friends based on the kind of games you play (this info is recorded after all … but it’s not.

I can see why parents wouldn’t want their kids accepting random strangers as “friends” on their consoles (but it doesn’t stop them letting their kids use MSN or Yahoo! Messenger), but with it’s built in parental controls, that shouldn’t really be a problem.
We’ll have to wait and see how this all develops, hopefully this kind of stuff was cut to meet deadlines and ship dates, and with it’s connectivity out of the box, updates should be fairly painless.

That’s really my only grumble about it though, a lack of social networking tools that are all the rage at the moment. Wii Sports is great, it’s a computer game, that also gives you a bit of exercise too. Don’t be under any illusion, it’s not going to get you fit, but it’s better than sitting on your arse and twiddling your thumbs … unless you buy the classic controller.

Zelda looks like it’s going to be fantastic, I’ve only got as far as feeding the fish to the cat atm (Vicky wanted to kick my ass at Wii Bowling) but the controls so far seem fantastic, really easy to pick up. Having never played a Zelda game before I can’t comment on how this compares to previous incarnations, but a lot of people like it …


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