Holy Crap!! BT announce Web21C API
March 9, 2007, 12:31 am
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British Telecom have announced an API, called Web21C (catchy!) that grants you access to some of their network services, SMS, VOICE CALLS!! and, well pretty much every service BT offer. If they don’t get it all tangled in the usual BT beurocracy, this is just awsome news, if I’d been drinking milk at the time, some would have come out of my nose.

I have a couple of ideas for sites that would require SMS messages, and any simple & cheap method for sending them would be a great bonus. Imagine an online store that sent you a text when your order had been shipped, or when there was a problem with the order, that’d be awesome. I know that’s possible now, I just wish I’d thought of it while I was at Ebuyer. I also wish I had the time to play with this right now too.

I can’t count the number of ways this could rock. There’s an API for getting location info out of a mobile phone, subject to “agreed industry code of conduct for passive location services.” whatever that might be (I think it stops dirty old men tracking little boys, and other such nastyness)

There’s no mention of any price structure, the whole thing is in beta at the moment, but at the end of it all,no matter how cool it might be, if it is to be used by the masses and not just the large corporates then pricing needs to be comparable to existing methods of using these services. After all, the idea behind it must be to drive revenue from these services, why restrict that by pricing it out of the hands of the man on the street.


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the idea of being notified if your order goes wrong or has been shipped by SMS is a brilliant one, especially if it means I can leave my Laptop and email alone for a little while.

Comment by Otu Ekanem

We’re working on the pricing, and we definitely want to make it accessible to the “man on the street” as you say. In the meantime, you can give it a test drive, you get a few free SMS, phone calls and conference calls per day to help you with your development and show you how easy it is. So visit, give it a try, and let us know what you like and what you don’t!


Comment by Yannis

LOL at the ebuyer comment… we did talk about it while I was there but the idea was dismissed as unnecessary


Comment by Pete Lonsdale

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