Stubbs Gets Things Done
June 7, 2007, 7:03 pm
Filed under: Getting Things Done, GettingThingsDone, gtd

Or starts to at least.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my time management is pathetic, I struggle to keep up with everything I need to do at work, despite the fact I only actually work on 1 project, and my chores at home are left undone for months on end, much to Vicky’s chagrin.

So I recently bought a copy of Dave Allen’s “Getting Things Done“, and I think I’ll be it’s toughest challenge. Actually, my brother in law will be it’s toughest challenge, but I’m right up there.

So far it’s already had benefits, I’ve started to use my PDA as a collection tool, I’ve emptied my Outlook inbox at work and started to deal with the < 2 minute jobs as soon as they come in, already stuff that would just sit there and get lost has been done (like chasing up Waterstones & Which? magazine)

I’ve logged in to my long dormant Remember The Milk account, and created 3 lists: Next Action, Not Now & For the Future, tomorrow I’ll empty my collection of stuff into those 3 lists. I’ve also added some things to my Google Calendar with reminders as well.

So far so good, all my stuff at home has yet to be untangled, but it’s had a little impact at work and I’ve added all my work stuff to lists in our tracking system there, not integrated with RTM, but it is with our build server & source control, which I think is more important at the moment..


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