Getting More Things Done
June 20, 2007, 7:48 pm
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As Ian was gracious enough to point out, it’d been three weeks since I started to read Getting Things Done, and that was the last post I made :-)

Well, here’s a quick update of how I’m going, I’ve made my lists as suggested, Projects, Next Actions, Not Now & Future. I’m using Remember The Milk to organise them, with a list for each apart from Projects, which I’m doing with tags. I realised on the way home tonight that actually, Not Now isn’t needed and everything on it should be moved to Next Actions and perhaps I need to create another list called Waiting, with things that I’m waiting on other people for.

The most important thing I’ve got out of this so far is The Two Minute rule, if an action is going to take you less than 2 minutes to do, do it now. It’s a simple matter of efficiency, it would take you longer to process it, decide what to do, file it, pull it off your list later and then do it. Lots of little emails have been sent this way.

I’ve also implemented an empty inbox “policy” for my email, work & personal. My work inbox had hundreds of mails in, some needed stuff doing, but most didn’t. They all went in an archive folder, and new emails get processed when there’s about a page full. Outlooks popup thing lets me see if any are urgent and need dealing with now, but to be honest I’m not important enough to get emails like that :-) I use Outlooks flags to mark emails that I need to look at later.

Gmail was the same, over 1000 items in my inbox, so I went through the 1st page and dealt with any that needed a response, the rest got archived.

I’ve started to use Google Calender a lot more too, to set reminders that I need to do something on a certain day, and I use Remember The Milk‘s notifications to remind me about things that are waiting for other peoples input.

I wouldn’t say I feel that much more productive at work, but that’s probably because I work on 1 thing, and it’s very linear, one task naturally leads to another, but they all get added to RTM just the same. At home on the other hand things are a bit better, I’ve sorted quite a few long standing jobs that just needed that little bit of impetus to get moving,and I do feel organised at least.

That better Ian?


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