The kindness of strangers
June 26, 2007, 9:31 am
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The following is the tale of a rag tag group of strangers, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, struggling to get home to their loved ones and facing almost insurmountable odds. Sounds like the plot for a cheesy disaster movie? Well that’s what happened to me on the way home from work yesterday.

buried burgundy(Photo: random_dave) It had been raining heavily all morning and just got heavier and heavier toward lunch time. At 2pm my boss sent a mail round the office saying we should all leave sooner rather than later, so I did. I got on a bus at about 3:30 and 4 hours later we’d travelled less than half a mile, but at least we were out of the rain.Our driver had repeated calls from his depot to drop us of and return home, but he was an absolute diamond. By now all that were left on the bus were those passengers who lived right at the far end of his route, this included some pensioners, a 5 year old boy, a pregnant lady & a disabled lady. The driver did his level best to try and get us as close to home as he could, he drove all the way out to Rivelin Valley, through Stannington and up to Oughtibridge. Unfortunatly the road at Outibridge was unpassable so we had to turn round and go back to Hillsborough, by now it was well after 10pm. We had a whip round for the driver (who’s name I didn’t get) and we got off and started to walk.

We waded through the water at Leppings Lane, and onto Halifax Road. Myself and Phil walked with Samantha, the disabled lady we met on the bus, the rest of the group were able to walk a lot quicker, but I couldn’t just leave her. We walked almost as far as Wadslet bridge, all the way trying to thumb a lift.

Eventually Danielle & Dave picked us up. They were in the car looking for Danielle’s sister who hadn’t arrived home. Shortly after picking us up, the received a call to say she’d arrived home safely. The traffic was at a standstill again, so I figured they’d rather be at home, we got out and started to walk again, we’d got as far as The Red Lion on Halifax Road. We didn’t have to walk far, we managed to thumb another lift from Ken, who had driven all the way from Huddersfield because his son had had to get off the train at Sheffield. Unfortunately Ken couldn’t get anywhere near the station, so his son headed for the Town Hall, and Ken headed home. We got out just before the A616 and walked the short distance home from there.

When we got hom, Samantha’s Dad met her at the door and thanked us both for helping her home, but I think I should be thanking Samantha, because without her I’d probably have tried something daft to try and get home :-)

It’s a real shame that it takes something like a flood to get people to help each other like that, just imagine what a better world we would have if everyone was like that all the time.


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You’ve put me in the awkward situation of being proud of you dude… …just don’t make a habit of it yeah ;-)

Comment by Chynddylan

That’s a nice story. It’s good to see everyone pulling together in times of Crisis. :)

Comment by Shane Rounce

I too was helped by a good samaritan last night- Nathan was an absolute gent and picked me up whilst I was walking from High Green to Hillsborough to get home.

Sheffield has a lot of people who put themselves out to help others last night- thank you to all of them.

Comment by medusa

[…] interesting to see how locals made pretty much immediate use of web forums, imageshack pictures, blogs and youtube posts to spread their, sometimes quite scarey, stories.  All in all, a case-in-point […]

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[…] The kindness of strangers The following is the tale of a rag tag group of strangers, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, […] […]

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Sitting up the hill in Broomhill I missed all the action!

Strangely the government is still talking about the money they have invested in coastal protection when the big problems this week have been all inland!

Comment by Lucy Buykx

I was that driver, after a few chats with other bus driver. I think I would have got that bus up jawbone hill. sorry… glad to here u all got home….


Comment by Adrian Porter

Awww bless.
I think public transport staff who’ve gone out of their way like this deserve an award.
I hope there’ll be a civic reception for all the people who’ve put their hearts into helping.

Comment by Diane

Yeah well done adrian i know of some more bus drivers/managers who did exactly the same thing aswell pal, glad you got the people back home.

Sam – Travel South Yorkshire Forum

Comment by Sam

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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