Animated gif of traffic chaos in Sheffield
June 30, 2007, 12:08 am
Filed under: flood, sheffield

PreviewIn my last post, I described my journey home from work on Monday. I have a little website called TrafficJammr that shows info on traffic problems around Sheffield.

I used the data I collected on Monday to produce this short animation of the traffic problems as they built up throughout the day.

The animation didn’t come out as dramatically as I hoped it would, but this is because the “heat” is relative to the rest of the map. So while the A61 being shut had an amplitude of 5 (out of 5) there was only 1 report, whereas Rotherham center had 3 or 4 reports very close together which made it appear “hotter”.


This is the full animation, and covers a period between 1am on Monday morning. As I said, it’s not nearly as dramatic as I’d imagined it. That’s because while the A61 was shut, and tailbacks were severe, it was only 1 incident, whereas Rotherham center had 3 or 4 severe incidents, so they appeared a lot brighter as they were more densely packed.


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I still think it looks like Threads :-)

Comment by Ian Sales

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