There is more to the UK IT sector than Brighton & London
August 1, 2007, 12:22 am
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Reading most of the IT events you’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing happens outside of Brighton or London, but don’t overlook Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool as places to hold your IT gathering, Geekfest or just a quick beer with some online buddies.

I really wish the FOWA bus had stopped somewhere in between London & Edinburgh, there are events like the Sheffield Barcamp, the Leeds Barcamp & the OpenCoffee Leeds events, but they’re not really on the same scale, and don’t do the North justice in showing off our talent and creativity


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Hey there,

We might add one of the cities you suggested. It wasn’t that we were trying to leave you out, it’s just that we have limited amount of time.

Thanks for saying something though.


Comment by Ryan Carson

Thanks for commenting Ryan, I wasn’t having a rant at the bus on it’s own, it was more a general lack of events and showcases in the North. There’s a huge market for it that’s waiting to be tapped.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

Hey Stuart,

Great news! We just added Manchester to the Road Trip :)

Can you please help us spread the word?


Comment by Ryan Carson

That’s really cool news Ryan!!

I’ve passed the info round my colleagues and friends.

I’m afraid after all the fuss I’m not going to be able to make it, the 16th is my daughters 1st birthday, and we’ll be having our own party away from the laptops :-)

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw


There are quite a few things going on Up North. Leeds OpenCoffee is now four months old and growing – further ones are planned in Hull, York, Sheffield – check out the following post:
Also check out the Leeds Geekup and plans for a LeedsBarCamp in September/October.


Comment by Ian Green


Comment by LOLBOT

@Ian: You’re right, there are a lot of informal events in the North, and I’ve been to a couple of them too.

I guess what I really meant was I wish there were more formal events, like the FOWA and it’s family.

I think the popularity of the Sheffield Barcamp (especially the Saturday) shows there would be demand for it. So much so that myself and a couple of ex-colleagues have floated the idea of doing our own, based on a conference format rather than the “unconference” style of the events we usually get round here.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

And what’s wrong with an unconference format? ;)

Let me know if you need help with your conference – I’ve run unconferences, helped planned O’Reilly Conferences and run 1-day symposiums…gimme a shout :)

Comment by Imran Ali

Can we interest you in coming to BarCamp Leeds on 17th Nov? Maybe even speaking?

Comment by Imran Ali

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