I’m starting my new year resolution early.
December 18, 2007, 2:36 pm
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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m no Kate Moss, I’m no stranger to the words “fat bastard” or “tubby bitch”, even my son told me “you’ve got boobies” once. So with that in mind, it’s about time I started to try and lose the moobs, look a little less like Homer Simpson and shed a few pounds.

I’ve tried in the past, but the most successful weight loss program I had was Christmas 2000 when I had a bad fever and the runs. Not a diet I would recomend, nor one I’d like to try and recreate. My Problem, in all things, is motivation. I spend all day sat on my arse, when I get home from work, I sit in front of the TV or laptop, in short, I’m a lazy turd. The problem is, I LIKE sitting watching TV, I LIKE playing video games or tinkering on the lappy, I need some serious motivation for me to do something else instead.

I’ve looked at The Hackers Diet before, and it’s central theme is very simple. Use more calories than you eat, and you will lose weight. Nothing earth shattering there, but what this does is tap into people inner nerd. Engineers love numbers, they love stats and graphs, and I want to harness this geekery to help me lose weight.

I’m developing a system to help me track how much I eat, and what little excerise I do. That way I can increase one, and cut down on the other while feeding my inner nerd. The collection of this information draws on Dave Allen’s Getting Things Done, in that the collection system has to be one that I trust, otherwise I wont use it. It also has to be practical, it’s no use sitting down at night and thinking ‘Now what did I eat today?’ or ‘How far did I walk?’ a system like that would fail fairly quickly.

Currently, I weigh 113 kilograms (17.8 stone in old money) and a good weight for me is about 76 kilograms, so I reckon thats about 37 kilograms I need to lose, and I want to do it by next christmas. One of the best tips I got about playing golf (bear with me) was to treat every 3 holes as a new round. It keeps you focused and helps you forget bad holes quicker so they don’t effect the whole game. Breaking down a goal like this should help keep me focused too. I need to lose 37 kilograms in 52 weeks, I make that 0.7 kilograms a week, or 3 kilograms a month.

According to this site, I need 3423 calories a day to maintain my current weight. To lose 1kg in a week you need to have a calorie defecit of about 3850 calories, or 550 calories a day. Now I don’t think my diet is too unhealthy, so cutting 550 calories out of that a day might be tricky, not to mention bad for my health. The obvious place to look is how much excerise I do and increase that.

A brisk walk for an hour burns about 550 calories, as does swimming, an hours football burns almost 500 calories, you get the picture, an hours excerise would burn the extra calories I need. This sounds like a good plan to me, so lets see how it goes.


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18 stone!! You fat b*st*rd!

/me too :(


Comment by Otto-Mate

Me too skinny!

I’m back up to 15 Stone, need to loose 1 1/2 really, she (who must be..) Got me a treadmill and exercise bike, I used them for 8 weeks every night for 1/2 hour each, felt a bit better, but lost nothing! Given up!

Oh well just have to be fat! as I kind of like sitting watching telly, and dossing on t’internet!

Hope your all good.


Comment by Peter M

Hey Pete! Good to hear from you again, did I see the sign’s changed on the old office again? Who are you working for now?

Unfortunately, the weight loss isn’t going too well :( I started off in the 1st few weeks losing 2kg a week, the experts reckon 1kg is about the max you should be losing a week, that didn’t last long though.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

Yeah, officially a Chubby now :)

Got bought out by UTC and intergrating with thier previous buy Chubb. At least the head office is staying at Blackburn though!

You still with ebuyer or has the photography really picked up now?

Just getting back into it myself gone with Pentax as all my 20 odd year old lenses fit!


Comment by Peter M

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