It’s a good time for Geeks to watch TV
April 3, 2008, 12:42 pm
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For those of us who still watch TV in the more traditional way, these shows all start with new series this weekend:

  • My Name Is Earl
  • Dr Who
  • Battlestar Galactica

I’m still a whole series behind on BG, and I didn’t even realise that they’d made a new Earl … can’t wait.

Now  we just need a Series 3 of Heroes, one that doesn’t suck.

What shows are you waiting to watch, apart from those?


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Check out “The Big Bang Theory” – it’s about geeks, and is actually very funny.

Comment by Russ

Yeah, I started to record the first series when it started over here, I watched the 1st one and thought it was rubbish, gave it a chance with ep2, that was crap as well, so I cancelled it.

However, ep3 also got recored so I thought I’d give it a chance, and sure enough that was rubbish too. I think the main thing I don’t like is how they manage to switch the geek on and off when they needed to make some worldly wise comment.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

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