It’s almost like Nintendo wants to fail.
April 30, 2008, 9:31 am
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I’m starting to think that Nintendo wants it’s Wii console to fail, even before it was launched they took a massive gamble not to significantly upgrade the hardware of the machine from their previous platform, the Gamecube, and invest instead in a novel controller. This gamble however paid off and the Wii now has a massive install base. The challenge Nintendo now has is to keep those people interested in their platform, keep them feeding the quarters as they used to say.

The modern day equivelent to feeding an arcade machine 10p’s all day is downloadable content, be it in the form of Rock Band’s downloadable songs, XBos Live’s Live Arcade or extra missions for games like Grand Theft Auto. So far the Wii has been really dissapointing as far as online gaming is concerned. Wikipedia has a list of all the games that support WiiConnect24, but I don’t count sharing scores as online play, and many of them are not available outside of Japan.

The latest game to shun dlc & online play is Rock Band, but here in the UK at least it seems they’re going to try and recoup that lost income by massivly over charging for the game itself in the first place. Even at Game’s discounted prices, it’s still twice the price American gamers pay.

Apart from the cost of the game, I’m not being too harsh on Harmonix/EA here because I feel the problem is the platform’s, with it’s feeble amount of storage and complete mess of a friend system that requires each player to know 2 – 12 digit numbers for every other player in the game in order to be able to play against each other.


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Rockband’s expensive price (probably) has nothing to do with the lack of DLC. Wii Fit is £70 in the UK and $90 in the US, which is about £45*.

And it’s not just Wii games, when Vista launched Microsoft just seemed to swap the $ and £ signs over, And we pay about 3 times as much for petrol and diesel*

It’s not fair :-(

*and you still get Americans complaining about the price

Comment by mrrix32

You’re absolutely right mrrix32, the high cost of the Wii version of Rockband is not because of the lack of downloadable support, but it will help mitigate income they’ll miss out on by not being able to provide it.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

The PS2 and Wii are getting compilation discs of DLC for cheaper than the price of buying the songs on them separatly, although with the down side of not been able to choose the songs you want.
However, I don’t think your comments are valid. The price hitch is nothing to do with Nintendo, and all us 360 players will have the same huge price increase. EA sets the cost, and their money grabbing twerps.

Comment by A Hirst

I’m glad the Wii is going to get extra tracks, even if it does mean buying an extra disk to get the few tracks I would actually like of those listed.

I bet the $30 doesn’t translate into the £15 current exchange rates make it, or even the straight $ -> £ conversion most products seem to get coming from the US to the UK, we’ll have to pay the “Not living in the US” tax for that too.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

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