Man City sign Mark Hughes – A Rovers Fan’s thoughts
  • bugger.
  • Mark Hughes has signed a 3 year deal to follow Sven as Manchester City’s new manager, and all the best of luck to him, one of the best managers we’ve had in a long time.

    Who’s going to follow him? The managers that spring to mind are:

    1) Big Sam
    2) Steve McClaren
    3) Alan Shearer

    I really hope it’s not McClarren, he was a great #2 at Manchester United, a good #2 to Sven in the England camp, but dire when he was at Middlesborough, and who can forget his tenure as England manager? Not many of us with some kind of therapy unfortunatly.

    I wouldn’t be too sorry to see Sam Aladice as the next manager at Ewood, he doesn’t have a reputation for attractive football, but he was almost as succesful at Bolton as Hughes has been at Ewood.

    Alan Shearer on the other hand, the fuss that went on when he was linked with Newcastle shows he’s keen to get into management, but either didn’t want to spoil his reputation with Newcastle fans, or didn’t want to be #2.

    At Ewood he’ll have neither of those problems, a stable board to back and help him develop both himself and his squad.

    Just as long as it’s not McClarren.

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    Think you will get Big Sam, who allegedly rushed back from his holiday. Didn’t think Hughes would actually go to Man City to be honesy but then you never can tell. Definitely wont be Shearer – all mouth and trousers and wont be tempted from the safety of the commentary box

    Comment by Fraser Mitchell

    I wish Sparky all the best.
    As a Welshman he’ll always be a hero but to say I’m not surprised he’s gone to City would be a lie.

    I think he did a great job at Blackburn and steadied them when they could of sunk.

    I think the Blackburn board and fans have been fantastic to Mark Hughes though. I’m surprised they didn’t put up a fight to keep him but I guess common sense prevailed and they identified once someone makes their mind up to leave there’s not a lot you can do about it. It makes a bit of a mockery of the contract system really but that’s life I guess! Any way good luck Mark and good luck Blackburn.
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    Comment by nathanjfuller

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