My Killer iPhone App
July 18, 2008, 10:28 am
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Having bought myself an iPhone, I’ve started thinking about what applications I’d like to build for it, so here is my first family of applications:


A location aware application that shows a map of the local area, pins in the map indicate people with similar sexual preferences to you, and want to engage in casual sex.

£15.99 a month subscription


Uses your address book to find out if your partner is a member of iDoggin. Uses the location API to show you where the dirty dog is.

£9.99 a month subscription


Before your partner is sent information via iFoundOut, iBlackmail will alert you that your information is being requested and allow you to bid for the information, if you enter a high enough amount of money, your details are not sent to your snooping partner!

Revenue is variable

A tip of the hat goes to the guys on #ukha, some of the names are their fault.


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LOL…brilliant idea!!

Comment by minxlj

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