Be careful what assumptions your customers have to make.
July 28, 2008, 5:03 pm
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I’ve just written an email to our local bus operator because I got on the wong bus. Why is this their fault and not mine? Well the bus I usually get on doesn’t normally have it’s sign on saying where it’s going. So when another bus turned up at the stop I assumed it was the bus we were waiting for, and got on, as did eveyone else I usually catch the bus with. It was only when the bus left and the real one, with it’s sign on for a change, pulled in behind us that we realized what was going on, our real bus was late, and this one was early. There was now a bus full of people going to the wrong place.

So be careful what habbits you force your users to get into, and be aware of the consequences should something happen to make those assumptions wrong.


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