BBC Joke Attracts No Complaints
November 4, 2008, 11:22 am
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A joke on a BBC television programme today prompted no-one to complain, watchdogs reported. Antiques Roadshow presenter Fiona Bruce quipped that Leeds Castle was a long way from Yorkshire, and hoped that people didn’t get confused.

Switchboards at the BBC were silent as the nation didn’t complain in mass numbers. A spokesman for the BBC apologised for any offence people may feel when they realise that they missed an opportunity to complain and blamed an editorial oversight and said that representatives of both Leeds Castle and Yorkshire had been informed of the joke before the programme was broadcast.

The spokesman went on to suggest that following the offence caused by Clarksongate & RossBrandSachsgate, the BBC had taken a stronger line over AntiquesRoadshowPresenterFionaBrucegate and measures had been put in place to avoid any repeat of the incident.


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I would like to file a complain about this blog post. It made me want to be physically sick and made me “cringe” too. And I never even read it.

Comment by Tony Ruscoe

Id like to file a complaint about the above comment. I was extremely offended.

Comment by Genki

I’d like to complain also even though I’ve not a clue what the joke
is. It’s the sun here in Hawaii that keeps me in the dark.

Comment by Karen Awong

Further proof that the BBC has lost touch with what the viewers want. It is about time it was funded using advertising revenue.

Comment by MarkyB

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