Things I Have Learned Delivering LibDem Leaflets
April 18, 2010, 5:21 pm
Filed under: politics

For the past 6 months or so I have been delivering leaflets for the local Liberal Democrat party, and as you might imagine, the number of leaflets has increased recently, anyone would think there was an election on.

  • Some people have driveways that are far too long
  • Some people have too many steps.
  • It’s a great time for listening to audio books, I like SciFi myself, perhaps a little Cory Docterow?, or Kim Stanley Robinson. Red Mars is an epic story and I can’t wait to listen to the next 2.
  • Always open the inner letterbox flap by inserting you hand palm up, if you don’t, you might end up scratching your knuckles.
  • Don’t ben too worried about dogs, unless they’re waiting for you on the other side of the letterbox you’ll have plenty of time to make your getaway.
  • Marks and Spencer carrier bags are not strong enough, you’ll be lucky to get a half a round out of it before one of the handles goes. Blackburn Rovers store bags survive a few rounds.
  • Keep your back straight while walking, don’t slouch.
  • Make sure the leaflets go the whole way through, don’t leave them sticking out. My Paperboy training came in really useful here.
  • Push other leaflets through too.
  • Don’t be tempted to remove opposition leaflets if they’re poking out.
  • Don’t drop your elastic bands.
  • Take a drink.
  • Don’t try and teach your son to ride his bike at the same time, you’ll get nowhere.

Do you have any tips? Any advice for fellow leafleteers?


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I am a veteran dropper in the United States and I love your list. I mostly do urban areas and the hardest thing for me here in Boston is the basement apartment with a separate mail slot. This usually means you have to go up stairs to the main unit(s) and then down for the basement. I generally use a canvas carry bag.

Comment by mhasegawa

I’ve taken to splitting the leaflets up and putting most in a rucksack, and carrying a spare plastic bag … I went through 2 tonight.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

I do hope you’re not the person who’s been stuffing Paul Scriven’s election leaflets through our letterbox twice a week for the past two months!

Comment by Roger B.

No, that’s not me, I deliver in High Green, and it’s all local council stuff.

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

I imagine that post set to the ‘Sunscreen’ music for some reason :)

Comment by Otto-Mate

Lib Dem Image does a brilliant jute shoulder bag

Perfect for holding leaflets in while you’re delivering and very durable.

Comment by Richard Gadsden

That’s actually a pretty sweet bag, any idea what size it is? Wondering if it’d fit a 15″ Macbook in it?

Comment by Stuart Grimshaw

This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Many thanks! Exactly where are your contact details though?

Comment by college fashion blog sites

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Comment by Joeblank

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