Manchester United Vs Chelsea … I wont be watching the Champions League final.
May 1, 2008, 11:04 am
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So this years Champions League final is between Chelsea & Manchester United and I couldn’t think of a worse advert for British football than this. It’s a repeat of last years rubbish display of football that was the FA Cup final, one of the dullest games I’ve ever watched.

Chelsea always play not to concede a goal and score on the break, and if the tactics deployed by Manchester United against Chelsea the other week are anything to go by, so will they. Hopefully they will have learned a lesson and not repeat that.

I’m not a fan of any of the teams involved in the semis, but I think a Liverpool – Manchester final would have been a much better advert for football in this country. At least the 2 sides would set out to play attacking football. You just have to look at the top scorers table and Liverpool have 4 players, a total of 22 goals between them.


Sick of soccer pundits sticking up for their ex-colleagues

I’ve been listening to the radio a lot this week, especially to 5 Live where they’ve had various pundits on discussing Ashley Cole’s disgraceful show of petulance and disrespect for referees.

They’ve tried to convince us that the respect that rugby referees get from players wouldn’t work in football because rugby players get involved in punch ups, and that’s an even bigger lack of respect for referees.

I’m sorry but that’s just such a ridiculous argument, when was the last time you saw a rugby player argue over a referees decision? and when they do they get sin-binned for 10 minutes, or the ball gets moved 10 yards closer to their own try line (when was the last time you saw a free kick moved forward 10 yards for dissent?)

These ex-players also insist that dissent isn’t as widespread as people like to make out, but I went to watch Blackburn Vs Wigan yesterday and almost every free kick brought a reaction from them player concerned, not on the level of Ashley Cole’s petulance, but to say that it’s not widespread is rubbish.

Come on someone, have the guts to speak out about this, your making fools of yourselves and no-one believes you.

This post was originally made by me to FootyTechs, a community for geeks interested in Footy

Chelsea 1 – 0 Manchester United
May 19, 2007, 5:21 pm
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I just wish Chelsea had scored in the last minute of normal time, rather than make us sit through another half hour of rubbish football.

When the two semi finals were over, so many pundits said it was the Final the FA wanted, the perfect final for the new Wembley Stadium, and in many ways it was. In much the same way that the FA have spent so much on the new national stadium (who’s location makes it difficult for most of the nation to get there) and are now obsessed with raking in as much money as they can from it, the two sides on display today clearly weren’t interested in winning it or not, just how much money they could have been earning in the Champions League.

I feel sorry for the real fans of Chelsea and Manchester United, who have forked out huge amounts of money to watch that game, I’m almost glad my Team (Blackburn) didn’t make it, but at least the two beaten semi-finalists would have made a better stab at trying to win the competition. There were so many long balls, so many poor passes, possession given away far too easily, many of the same criticism aimed at the less fashionable clubs like ours.