IM Shortcuts for my Mum
June 12, 2008, 2:36 pm
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Here’s a quick post for my Mum, who has recently retired and discovered instant messaging.

Shortcut Meaning Real world usage
\o or o/ A wave, hello or goodbye Matthew & Hannah waving from the car.
:-) Smiling You’re happy about something
;-) Cheeky wink Yes, of course I’ll fill the car up with petrol.
:-( Sad The bar has run out of Gin & Tonic
:-| Not impressed The look you give me when I swear
>:-( Cross Like when I carry on swearing
:-D A big grin, more than smiling, but not quite laughing You realise on a Monday that you’re retired, and don’t have to go to work.
:-P Blowing a raspberry Like I apparantly did to that old lady when I was in my pram all those years ago.
:-O Suprised Stuart’s gone home, and we still have cake in the cupboard :-O
LOL Laugh out loud Laughing, like when I fart at the dinner table (You do find that funny don’t you?)
BRB Be right back When you nip out to the shop, you’ll be right back.
np No problem Mum, can I have £10 … No problem
o_O A bemused look The look I gave j-lappy when he suggested I used banging the Queen as a situation where o_O would be appropriate

Feel free to add more in the comments, but keep it clean, my Mum will be reading ;-)