How to fix Twitter
May 21, 2008, 11:53 am
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Looks like Twitter dropped a bollock the other day, the site was down for the whole day when a db upgrade went a little wonky. Everyone seems to be dreaming up weird and wonderful replacements and backups for Twitter, but there’s already a very suitable one that lots of people have long forgotten about. It’s called IRC.

The two main features of Twitter are following people and sending private messages. If you imagine every user having their own channel, set to +m so that only the op (or others with +v) could send messages. Setting +n to stop outside messages would probably be a good idea too. You could also implement groups by giving multiple people +v in a channel.

Private messages are easy with IRC’s /msg command, but could be open to spam, a little modification to IRC servers would only allow people who’s room you are in can send you private messages.

There are plenty of libraries available to implement those pretty clients like Twitteriffic or Twhirl or you could use a more traditional client if you prefer, but using IRC in this manner would probably be better with a dedicated client, or a web interface.

So there you go, anyone want to pick tis up and run with it?

Many thanks to AndyD for the channel modes ;-)