Refactoring Django Apps Part 2, Unit Tests
February 20, 2010, 7:34 pm
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In the last post, I looked at moving all your data from one app to another, and today I’m going to go through using Django’s unit test extensions to test the app. This post also covers using signals to validate models that arn’t created from a form. You should of course also unit test the methods on your models outside of the views they’re called from, but there’s nothing special there, and there’s a whole bunch of blog posts that cover them.

The main aim of is to make organising 5-a-side matches easy, so it’s main features are all around players saying they can or can’t make the game. A player can say they’ll play, but then change their mind, they can only play in matches for teams they are a member of, and they can only say THEY will play, not anyone else, the exception to this being the team organiser, he can add or remove any player. Lets look at the various things we might want to test.
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