80’s TV Hero Smackdown
October 24, 2006, 4:13 pm
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If this tlot had a fight in some kind of ladder match, who would come out on top?

  • Manimal
  • The A Team
  • Airwolf
  • Knightrider
  • Street Hawk
  • Automan
  • Dangermouse
  • He Man

Answer in the comments please …


Note to self
October 19, 2006, 3:58 pm
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You unsubscribed from the MX2 spam today …

Have you been pre-approved?
October 19, 2006, 1:41 pm
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<@relic245> i also like to save up pizza and indian takeaway fliers that come through the door, then when morgan stanley invite me to have their credit card every month i send stuff all the leaflets in the pre paid envelope

In future, this is what I will do :-)

Unsubscribe 2
October 17, 2006, 7:55 pm
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Ok, so recently Blackburn Rovers have started spamming me with marketing emails. I probably gave them my email address because they require you to register to read their stories.

The emails all have unsubscribe links on them … but they seem to go anywhere but the unsubscribe page. The other week the email redirected me to the front page of their site, and this week the link takes me to an online version of their email.  Lovely.

October 17, 2006, 2:39 pm
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I’m sure I unsubscribed from’s email a while ago, but I’m still getting them. This will help me remember if I still carry on getting them.