Sick of soccer pundits sticking up for their ex-colleagues

I’ve been listening to the radio a lot this week, especially to 5 Live where they’ve had various pundits on discussing Ashley Cole’s disgraceful show of petulance and disrespect for referees.

They’ve tried to convince us that the respect that rugby referees get from players wouldn’t work in football because rugby players get involved in punch ups, and that’s an even bigger lack of respect for referees.

I’m sorry but that’s just such a ridiculous argument, when was the last time you saw a rugby player argue over a referees decision? and when they do they get sin-binned for 10 minutes, or the ball gets moved 10 yards closer to their own try line (when was the last time you saw a free kick moved forward 10 yards for dissent?)

These ex-players also insist that dissent isn’t as widespread as people like to make out, but I went to watch Blackburn Vs Wigan yesterday and almost every free kick brought a reaction from them player concerned, not on the level of Ashley Cole’s petulance, but to say that it’s not widespread is rubbish.

Come on someone, have the guts to speak out about this, your making fools of yourselves and no-one believes you.

This post was originally made by me to FootyTechs, a community for geeks interested in Footy